PLOM Gallery exhibits and sells artworks that stimulate the creativity and imagination of young children. It is the first contemporary art gallery focused at children in the world. Its objective is to teach the little ones to appreciate the value of an artistic work and turn them into authentic art collectors.


The first contemporary art gallery focused at children in the world.

We are located at Séneca street, nº 31, Barcelona. Next to Avenida Diagonal and Vía Augusta. At Gràcia distric.

Martha Zimmermann.

Expose and sell works of art that stimulate the creativity and imagination of young children. Teach the little ones to appreciate the value of an artistic work. Turn them into art collectors.

Artists with Superpowers

Original works and limited series of artists recognized at very competitive prices. Art that appeals to both, children and adults.

Artists of the contemporary art market with either a consolidated career or in full expansion. Among all his work, Martha Zimmermann makes a careful selection to be part of the Plom universe. Only those works that have superpowers will end up on the walls of our young collectors.

Sergio Mora, Vanessa Linares, Miju Lee, Mr. Ed, Eva Armisén, Juanjo Sáez, Ibie, Vall Karsunke, Maxi Luchini, Amaia Arrazola, Pep Brocal, Rosa Cortiella, Coqué Arjona, Carmen Segovia…

Authentic artists have superpowers, like superheroes. Through their works, artists use their superpowers to change the world and change us. The superpowers of art thrill us, make us think, make us laugh, make us cry, make us dream, make us grow and make us better people.

Boys and girls as collectors

Each work comes with a certificate of authenticity, that includes the verified date of the work and the name and surname of the young child.

It is a piggy bank, specially designed by Plom Gallery together with the ceramist Rosa Cortiella. Each Plom Piggy Bank contains inside a voucher valued in € 45 that is deducted from any purchase made in Plom Gallery. It is also an incentive for children to learn to appreciate the value of a work of art.

Customers are adults who want to give art to a child. Normally, they are parents or close family willing to introduce the younger ones the world of art.

Workshops ans advice for profesionals

We work in all those fields where contemporary art connects and interacts with children: art workshops, extracurricular activities, traveling and thematic exhibitions, educational activities in fairs and companies, activities sponsored by brands or foundations …

We are experts in contemporary art for children and we collaborate with all those professionals who recognize and appreciate our experience in this field, in both personal projects and reports for the media: interior decorators, stylists, photographers, architects, fashion designers, graphic artists, advertising agencies, magazines, journalists, writers, educators …

Yes, through our blog (ART FOR KIDS) and social networks (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube) including interviews, reports, videos, etc. We count with extensive network of specialized collaborators.

The future is now

Rather than having any future plans, Plom Gallery mainly focuses on the present. This includes: strengthening our relationships with artists, expanding our work catalogue, increasing our customer base and establishing collaboration agreements with different organizations, brands, publishers, educators and professionals in the art, design and decoration sectors.

We like Contemporary Art. We love children. But what we like the most is what happens when Contemporary Art and Children bind together.

Give an artwork to a newborn.

Martha Zimmermann: Founder and Director of Plom Gallery

Born in Barcelona, in the spring of 1971, in the heart of the Eixample. She is a daughter from modern Woman addicted to Tuset Street of Lleidatanas roots and of a German Prussian man who was dazzled by the beauty and the modernity that breathed the Ciudad Condal.

At age 4, she was fortunate enough to turn the Montserrat College, at the feet of Vallvidrera, into her second home.

She soon combined her studies with her first job in the centenary bookshop “Viuda de Roquer”. It was there where she grew up surrounded by culture. Later on, she coursed her studies in EMAV (Higher School of Image, Sound, Film and Audiovisual) and writing and photography open and prepare your mind.

For 5 years she was the director of Bravo Factory, the first illustration agency in Spain, through which she got in contact with the artistic scene and where she developed different projects with a commercial and editorial focus, combining Brands and Art.

Later on,  she decided to concentrate on promoting the career of Sergio Mora as a painter and an illustrator, by consolidating his role as an artistic agent in the art world and galleries, and organizing exhibitions internationally.

The birth of his son Nicolás, in 2011, gave a turn to her life and, after two years dedicated full-time to him, she then concentrated her efforts in Plom Gallery, the first art gallery dedicated to children.

Los Superpoderes del Arte