Extracurricular course of art online 2021/22




From Los Superpoderes del Arte we are awaiting to open the doors of the new course. Starting on October, we want to welcome you already to “LA ESCUELA DE LA MIRADA”!!!

We have prepared you a new journey, which final purpose will be to learn to see. It will be a path full of stations, working the elements that compose the visual language, going through the point, the line, the color, the form and the light. And beyond we’ll also find universal laws that are contained in images: the weight, equilibrium, space, the symmetry, the rhythm, the movement…

In this course we propose to learn through multiple workshops that will include practical exercises inspired in very famous or unknown (but always loved) artists, and certain books illustrated. We will investigate each element hand in hand with marvelous modern and contemporary art pieces, and above all, we will enjoy the journey, learning to see with eyes wide open.



To be part of Los Superpoderes del Arte you just need to fill the registration form







The course starts the day 4th of October and ends the 24th of June

Class days: 1 hour per week, Monday to Friday and Saturday (only morning schedule).


  • Schedules: from 17:30h to 18:30h or 18:30h to 19:30h
  • Groups: maximum of 10 kids.
  • Ages: The classes are thought for children of age 5 to 12 together. For these children of ages 9 to 12 that prefer not to be with younger children we have reserved the afternoons of days Tuesday and Thursday at the schedule of 18:30h to 19:30h
  • Platform: Zoom (you will receive the link of connection when we start and will be the same for the entire course).
  • Materials: At the ending of each month, you will receive a list with the materials for the workshops of the upcoming month.
  • Holidays: They will be done the same way as they are done in the school calendar. In the Christmas and Easter week holiday period we will offer special workshops instead of the program, with special prices for being students of the course.
  • Price: 45€ per month 1 hour per week. The price is per family: includes siblings, cousins or friends
  • Payment methods: direct debit or scheduled recurring transfer from your bank so the payment is made effective the first day of the month.


To be a part of los Superpoderes del Arte you just need to fill the registration form



The Team of los Superpoderes


Maria Team

María Porras

Martha Zimmermann

Martha Zimmermann

Vittoria Draggo

Vittoria Drago



For any type of inquiries write to: [email protected] or [email protected] , or call Martha to the phone +34 637771715.



Our method is flexible: if in a certain week you can’t make it to class in your chosen day, you can recover it any other day in that week in the time that suits you better.