Plom Gallery understands art as a formation and human development tool for children because it stimulates imagination, creativity, the culture of effort and self-esteem. In addition to being an aesthetic exercise, art fulfills an important pedagogical role: it is a language, a tool and a different way of perceiving the world that surrounds us.

  • Art is communication: many children channel their feelings and emotions through drawing, painting, collage…
  • Art is self-affirmation: children feel satisfied when they finish their own an “artistic” piece; unique and original. When the adult acknowledges their effort and congratulates them, their self-esteem grows.
  • Art is symbolic: it translates our environment into signs and symbols, and that stimulates the development of abstract thought.

To give structure to what we want to teach them during the course, we have chosen some well-known artistic movements that can draw children’s attention. We will look at the artists who created or represented these styles in the past and we will look for examples in contemporary art and experiment with their techniques.

We will work each movement and / or artist in two sessions depending on the children’s rhythm, with the freedom to extend or not depending on the response and interest.

Our Workshops: