Extraescolares de Arte contemporáneo para niñ@s

Los Superpoderes del Arte defends the power of art as a tool of personal education and development of the children, and that it stimulates creativity, imagination, culture of effort and esteem.

We organize extracurricular, workshops, exhibitions and cultural activities to awake the artistic sensibility of the children.

Extracurricular, workshops and guided visits.

In the Club of Los Superpoderes del Arte we offer a fun and original form to enhance your child’s creativity.


Our classes are taught by artists. They are dynamic and entertaining and in them children learn techniques from the grand masters of contemporary art: we work from Bauhaus to graffiti, art brut or cubism; from Kandisnky and Munch, Klee, Calder, Brossa, Picasso or Keith Haring, reaching the current art trying to compare techniques, artistic movements and artistic trends.

We are a group of enthusiasts of contemporary art and creative education. We believe that artists have Superpowers and they create art pieces capable of transforming the world.


We like Contemporary Art. We like children. But what we like the most is what happens when Contemporary Art and Children are put together.

The little collector

In our Art Gallery, we work with Artists from the contemporary art market with a consolidated career in full growth.


From all its work, Martha Zimmermann makes a careful selection. Only these pieces that have superpowers will end up in the walls of our little collectors.


Each art piece that we sell comes with an authenticity certificate in which, not only we include the information from the art piece, we also include name and surnames of the children, making it so owner of the art piece that opens or it’s added to their collection.


Martha Zimmermann:

CoFounder of Plom Gallery and Los Superpoderes del Arte

Barcelonan, born in the spring of 1971, in the heart of Barcelonan Eixample. Daughter of a modern addict of Tuset Street with roots from Lleida and a German Prussian origin, who was dazzled by the beauty and modernity that the county city breathed.


At age 4, she had the luck of converting the College Montserrat, at the feet of Vallvidrera, in her second home. She did not take long to combine her studies with her first work in the centenarian library “Viuda de Roquer”. There she grows surrounded by culture. The studies on EMAV (Superior School of Image, Sound, Cinema and Audiovisual) and writing and photography, open and prepare her mind.


During 5 years she directs Bravo Factory, the first agency of illustrators in Spain. Thus, she begins contact with the artistic scene and develops projects with a commercial and editorial focus. Later on, decides to focus in propelling the career of painter and illustrator Sergio Mora. Consolidates her facet of artistic agent organizing exhibitions in an international level.


The birth of her son Nicolás, in 2011, gives a turn to her life. After two years dedicated to him, focus her efforts in Plom Gallery, with the intention of making known and teach to enjoy Art to the little ones.


After 6 years of intense work from the Séneca street (Calle Séneca) in Barcelona, in 2019 she decides to give a turn to her project and reinvent the relation with the children and art and together with Soon in Tokyo, the agency that is in front of the communication strategies, they present the project La Casita de los Superpoderes del Arte in Sarriá.


Coronavirus has made us to reinvent ourselves, and to keep going at your side combining the online format with face-to-face. We are very pleased to meet many new families.


Los Superpoderes del Arte